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When you need HVAC Service, you are looking for a reliable provider of heating and air conditioning install and repair services? Don’t waste your time going through hundreds of listings—give our heating and air conditioning install and repair company a call instead! Our technicians live in the communities they serve, and our local experience puts us in a unique position to provide the highest level of personalized service.

From our customer service representatives to our professional installers, we offer repairs, maintenance, and service for all major HVAC system makes and models. Same day service is available in most cases, so call today and be more comfortable tonight!

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Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning installation is the most important part of a system.

Air Conditioning Repair

All air conditioning systems will need repair at some point.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

An air conditioning system is designed to keep your home comfortable

Heating Installation

Not all heating systems are created equal. Some systems require more complex installation processes

Heating Repair

If your heating system can’t cope with the winter cold, you need a well-trained professional on your side

Heating Maintenance

It is very important. It makes sure your system is running in optimal shape to get you through the cold months.

Air Quality

Contractors build modern homes with air-tight envelopes designed to maximize energy efficiency and reduce unwanted heat transfer.


Even if you have a top-of-the-line energy-efficient furnace and air conditioner, these HVAC units will not be able to meet


There are many options to choose from when it comes to thermostats. There are old-school thermostats that use mercury

What Others Say?


Excellent work at a fair price. Work was finished in two days, which included all new ductwork, boots, furnace and AC unit. All of my original systems and ductwork were over 25 years old. My electric bills have been cut in half and my house is comfortable and cool in the Texas summer months. AC TEX is an honest, hardworking company whom I highly recommend for any and all AC work. Will use again!

John Alston

Denton, TX.

5 PLUS Stars is what I would give AC TEX if it were possible! I’m always a bit leery when seeking a contractor for a high-dollar appliance replacement and such was the case when our central air unit went out recently. I had already talked to a couple of contractors when I contacted AC TEX.I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and evaluation of our current system.

Tim Snider

Weatherford, TX




Service Dispatcher


Maintenance Technician/Plumber


Customer Service Advisor

AC Repair

Summer days get hot in Texas, and when your air conditioning unit stops working, it’s important to get the cold air flowing again as soon as possible. The team at AC TEX, LLC is here to help when customers need it the most. While there are numerous residential AC contractors in the area, our customers keep coming back for our great service and affordable prices. For the area’s highest-quality heating and air conditioning install and repair services, get in touch with us today. At AC TEX, LLC heating and air conditioning install and repair company, we look forward to serving you!

AC Installation

When a heating and cooling system is past its prime and it’s time for an upgrade, you can count on AC TEX, LLC for reliable heating and air conditioning install and repair services. We offer new HVAC packages for every home, every business, and every budget. Our cooling experts treat every property with respect. Based on a home or commercial building’s size, insulation quality, level of windows, and other factors, we’ll recommend the right unit for your needs. Call us today for a free second (or first) opinion on a reliable, efficient air conditioning system.

We know that every Texas property is unique, and that there’s no one-size-fits-all HVAC solution. In years gone by, many air conditioning contractors would install oversized units in hopes that they’d cool rooms faster. From an efficiency and engineering standpoint, that’s not the best idea.

Our heating and cooling contractors will take the time to inspect your home or commercial building, using that information to do load calculations that help them recommend the right size air conditioner. Contact our heating and air conditioning install and repair company today.

Extend Your System’s Life With Regular Tune-Ups

Air conditioner tune-ups keep Texas HVAC systems running efficiently no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. About 80% of AC repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance, we call it our Partner Program. An HVAC system is a significant investment—protect it by calling our heating and air conditioning install and repair company for your next tune-up.

Just as regular oil changes help vehicles last longer, frequent tune-ups will extend the life of your air conditioner. When it’s not well maintained, your system won’t work as efficiently as it could, and it won’t last as long. Scheduled tune-ups from residential or commercial HVAC companies like ours will ensure that your AC runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Ductless Systems

Ductless air conditioning systems are an efficient, powerful, and quiet way to cool your home, garage, or commercial building. These units are great for environmentally conscious property owners, as there’s almost no energy loss due to escaping air. The average Texas home loses about 30% of its conditioned air through leaky and damaged ductwork. Keep heated or cooled air out of the attic and in your living and work areas where it belongs! Contact us today to speak to an HVAC specialist who knows all about the latest ductless options.

Ductwork Sealing and Repair

Our heating and air conditioning install and repair company can help improve your home or commercial building’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Were you aware that about 40% of conditioned air may not make it to the areas you want kept warm or cool? It’s an unfortunate fact. Torn, leaky, and improperly connected ductwork can’t do what it’s designed to do—route air throughout a building. When your property’s ductwork is in bad shape, most of the conditioned air the HVAC system produces isn’t used.

Ductwork issues don’t just decrease a system’s efficiency; they also cause them to work overtime, leading to early wear and premature failure. Leaky and torn ducts also diminish indoor air quality and raise the monthly cost of utilities. Signs of air duct problems include cold and hot spots, excessive indoor dust, and higher power bills. With duct sealing services from our heating and air conditioning install and repair company, you’ll get the benefit of all the conditioned air you’re paying for.

What Makes Us Different?

While some local HVAC companies cut corners, we’ve made the decision to use the best equipment, tools, and parts on every job. We use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts whenever we can. With quality parts that are made in America, as well as our commitment to integrity and customer service, your system is more likely to work throughout Texas’ hot summers and the occasional winter cold snap.

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Install and Repair Company Can Give You the Comfort You Deserve

If they’re not maintained properly, residential and commercial air conditioning systems can create some uncomfortable situations. Our Partner Club membership will help you stay comfortable all year long. As a member, you’ll get two seasonal tune-ups per year, as well as discounts on Level 1-5 repairs, new system installations, and indoor air quality assessments. Call AC TEX, LLC today to join.

Honest, Straight Shooter Pricing

At AC TEX, LLC, we believe in honesty and transparency—and we apply those beliefs to every part of our business. We stand behind our work, and we keep our promises. If we’ve quoted you a price, that’s exactly what you’ll pay!

When you call our heating and air conditioning install and repair company, there’s no need to ask for the manager—because every team member knows the company’s creed. From our friendly customer service representatives to the technicians who visit local homes and businesses, we say what we mean and mean what we say. Our Straight Shooter pricing gives customers a budget-friendly, honest way to get the services they need from a local HVAC contractor.

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Our company was established on the principles of integrity, honesty, and customer service. We know our customers have numerous options, and we’re grateful that they continue to put their trust in our heating and air conditioning install and repair company. Request more information by calling today to schedule a no-obligation estimate.

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