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Is your residential or commercial heating system malfunctioning or running inefficiently? As a Texan, you may not worry much about your heating system, simply because it’s barely used during the state’s mild winters but heating system installation and repairs aren’t something to ignore.

It’s important to be prepared for every chilly night and cold snap that comes, so your family, friends, and employees don’t have to suffer through uncomfortable conditions. With our complete central heating installation, maintenance, and repair services, your system will be ready when you need it.

Are you ready for fall and winter? If not, we can help. We’re the area’s best source for top-quality heating system installation services. Our trained technicians specialize in heat pump and furnace installation, and we carry and service all major brands. We offer great financing options with credit approval on heat pumps, ductless systems, and furnaces-we’re here to ensure that you’re comfortable all season long.

A Rudd heat pump.

Our Heater Installation Process

Not all heating systems are created equal. Some systems require more complex installation processes than others, and not all are appropriate for every building. No matter which type of heating system installation you’re looking for, we can help. Our trained technicians can install:

  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Ductless mini split systems
  • Smart and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats

Is your home or business too small or too old for ductwork installation? Or maybe there’s no access to natural gas lines and you need a viable alternative. Our residential and commercial heating system experts are here to help customers get the help they need. From heat pump repair to central heating installation, we’re the contractor to call for central heating service.

Hassle-Free Service

Replacing a home or commercial heating system shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we offer a simple, streamlined process that makes things easier for Texas families and business owners. Here’s how we take the stress out of heating system installation.

  • No obligation estimates. When it’s time to install a commercial or home heating system, get in touch with us. One of our friendly, professional technicians will visit your business or residence and offer a complimentary estimate. Our estimates include upfront and honest quotes with our Straight Shooter Pricingfor our heating installation services, and we’ll always answer your questions and address your concerns at AC TEX, LLC.
  • Measurements and suggestions.As our friendly technicians meet with you to learn about your building’s heating needs, we’ll take a few basic measurements. These measurements are crucial to a system’s performance and energy efficiency. We want to help you find the right new central heating system for your home or business, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Professional installation. Once you’ve reviewed and accepted the quote, we’ll schedule a service date that fits your schedule. When the big day arrives, our certified technicians will skillfully install your new central heating system and ensure its proper function. We guarantee a clean and smooth installation, which means our technicians and installers will treat your home or business with respect.
  • An ironclad guarantee. We don’t believe in shortcuts—we do everything the right way by backing our components and workmanship with a guarantee. With this promise, our customers are guaranteed to get the best possible heating system installation services. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied, we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

Whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting an older building with a commercial heating system, we’re here to help. Call to schedule an estimate.

Signs That It’s Time for a New Heating System

If your building’s heating system is over ten years old, it may exhibit certain signs that indicate the need for replacement, such as:

  • Inconsistent heating. If some rooms are warmer than others, your system isn’t working as it should.
  • A frequent need for repairs.If you’re calling for service more than once or twice a year, a newer and more reliable system may help you save money.
  • Excessive noise.While certain sounds are normal, others are not. If your heating system is making rattling, banging, or screeching noises, it might be time for an upgrade.
  • Unsafe or inefficient operation.If the system is always tripping your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, call us for a fast and easy replacement.

If you’re seeing one or more of these signs, our heating system installation services will help get the warm air flowing once more. No matter which model you have-or who installed the system-it won’t last forever. Contact us to learn about our new central heating system services.

We Offer Heating Repair Services, Too

While it may seem as if anyone can fix a home or commercial heating system, that’s not the case. We offer fast and friendly service, as well as the comfort and safety you deserve. Our team members pride themselves on their hard work, and they’ll do everything possible to resolve your heating system issues.

We’re not just there to provide temporary fixes-we offer reliable, long-lasting solutions that help Texans stay warm when it’s chilly outside. Look at a few reviews from our past customers and you’ll find out why AC TEX, LLC is one of the area’s preferred destinations for residential and commercial heating system installation and repair services.

Heating System Maintenance

Though today’s heating systems are designed to provide years of worry free use, they need occasional maintenance like all other machines. If your heater needs a tune-up, our seasonal maintenance program, we call it our Partner Program will bring significant improvements such as increased efficiency, higher comfort levels, and a reduced need for repairs.

Our yearly maintenance packages come with numerous other benefits, and we invite you to take advantage of them. Call our Texas heating system installation and repair specialists to invest in maintenance that’s worth the price you pay.

Schedule a Fast and Efficient Heating System Installation Today

If you’re searching for a reliable local company who can meet all your heating service needs, there’s no need to look any further. We’re one of the area’s top providers of commercial and residential heating installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our trained and friendly technicians are committed to customer service and satisfaction, and you can count on us to do the job right the first time. Schedule an appointment by calling today for additional information.

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