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The Thermostat Is No Longer Accurate

Old mercury thermostats served their purpose in years past, but they are notoriously difficult to calibrate properly. Yes, a technician may be able to keep an old thermostat working for a couple more years, but is that really a good idea?

The short answer is no. Trying to stretch the life of an outdated thermostat generally is not recommended. Most experts recommend customers upgrade a thermostat when the existing one no longer triggers the home’s comfort appliances correctly. When a home is no longer comfortable due to temperature shifts, that is the time to consider an upgrade to a smart thermostat.

A thermostat showing the temperature of 73 degrees.

During Renovations

Anytime renovations are planned, it’s a good idea to upgrade the thermostat. In many cases, the existing thermostat will be removed during painting. At other times, changing a home’s floor plan will dictate the need to relocate the thermostat. For example, when a wall is removed, the thermostat may be in direct sunlight, which would create problems.

When planning any renovations, discuss the need to upgrade a thermostat with the contractor. It’s far easier to relocate a thermostat when everyone is on the same page from day one. Renovations also provide a great excuse to upgrade to a smart thermostat.

The Home’s Heating System is Replaced

Virtually every heating and cooling expert recommends installing a new digital thermostat when a home’s heating and cooling units are replaced. Many newer HVAC systems require the use of a smart thermostat to function optimally. That’s especially true when high-efficiency models are used, as those units frequently include features that won’t function with older thermostats. If you’re currently considering updating your home’s HVAC system, consider the advantages of including a new Wi-Fi thermostat.

A Family’s Needs Change

Over time, family dynamics change. Work and school schedules evolve, and there may be times when no one is home for several hours every day. When that happens, it’s time to upgrade the thermostat. Doing so saves money. Once that old thermostat is replaced with a wireless thermostat or smart model, users are able to reset their home thermostat easily and quickly to accommodate their new needs.

That advantage means the home’s heating and cooling systems won’t be used as much during times when no one is home. When owners upgrade the thermostat to a modern unit, it’s easy to set the unit to change the home’s temperature at pre-set times, but that’s not always the best option for busy families with irregular schedules. If your family’s needs are changing, it’s time to ask the experts at AC TEX, LLC to explain the different types of thermostats and decide which choice will best fit your family’s requirements.

Users Want to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

If you’re determined to reduce your family’s carbon footprint, now is the time to upgrade your thermostat.

Replacing a dated thermostat will generally allow property owners to cut energy expenses and, at the same time, keep their home more comfortable. In some cases, keeping a home’s temperature better regulated even allows users to reduce the heat setting a couple of degrees and still remain comfortable. The key here is keeping the home’s temperature from fluctuating as much.

Remember that there are numerous upgrade thermostat options to select from, so take the time to research all available models prior to making a buying decision. Not all homes will need the same type of thermostat, which suggests it will pay to ask a heating and cooling system expert at AC TEX, LLC for recommendations. While several models may be functional, one or two are likely to stand out from the others.

Selecting a Professional for Your New Thermostat Installation

While some people might consider taking a DIY approach to upgrade their thermostat, most experts recommend contacting an HVAC expert for help. It’s too easy to select the wrong thermostat or make mistakes during the installation. In addition, the thermostat must be checked to ensure it is properly calibrated. If errors are made during the installation process, the benefits of installing a new thermostat may be negated.

Using an expert to upgrade a thermostat is strongly recommended. The HVAC professional will work with property owners to evaluate a home heating and cooling system’s needs before recommending a specific brand and model of thermostat.

The HVAC expert will also consider a family’s needs and recommend options to best meet their current as well as future needs. That can be important, especially if your situation is likely to change in the near future. Irregular schedules are common, which means users may want the ability to alter heating and cooling system settings using smart technology. Older children may be allowed to change settings just before they get home from school or other activities.

If your home thermostat needs to be replaced or updated, now is the time to contact an expert for advice. Take the time to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

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