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Air Conditioning Repair

All air conditioning systems will need AC Repair at some point. There are many things that can go wrong with an air conditioning system. It is important to use a good technician that you can trust and that is very knowledgeable. It is also very important to make sure your technician is very thorough because there is often more than one issue when there is a system breakdown. There is also usually a reason for a part going bad and instead of just replacing and waiting for the new part to fail again, a thorough technician will help resolve the issue that is the real culprit.

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Some Common A/C Problems

Some air conditioning problems are obvious, while others are more subtle. If the A/C stops working, you know something’s wrong, but what if it’s just not working quite as well as you would like? In our experience, small problems are always worth checking out because they can become much more serious over time. The following are some signs that you need to call a professional AC repair technician.

  • Your air conditioner won’t turn on.
  • Your air conditioner only seems to work sometimes.
  • The system is making a strange noise.
  • Some rooms are cooler than others.
  • The fan runs, but it blows warm air.
  • The A/C never shuts off.
  • A bad smell is coming out of a vent.
  • Your utility bill is suddenly higher than you expect.
  • You notice more dust than usual in your home.
  • The breaker is tripping frequently.

Even if some of these problems seem easy to ignore, like a strange noise or inconsistent functioning, it’s always a good idea to have a professional take a look at your system. Any of the symptoms above can indicate a need for air conditioning repair.

What To Check Before Calling For A/C Repair

If your A/C system is having any of the issues above, there are a couple of things you can try on your own before having a technician come out. First of all, you can check your thermostat and make sure you have it set correctly. Try turning it off and on again and resetting the temperature.

You can also check the air filter and replace it if it looks dirty. Changing a clogged air filter is one of the simplest types of DIY air conditioning repair a homeowner can do, and it can solve quite a few problems.

What Are Some Common Air Conditioning Repairs?

Unfortunately, ac repair is not always as simple as changing a filter or restarting the thermostat. The following are a few of the most common types of air conditioning repair that our trained and experienced technicians perform.

Repairing A Coolant Leak
Coolant, or refrigerant, is a chemical that can change quickly from a liquid to a gas. It flows in liquid form into the evaporator coil, where a change in pressure causes it to evaporate. As the coolant evaporates, it pulls heat out of the air so that cooler air can blow out into the duct system. Leaking refrigerant is a common reason for air conditioning repair. When the coolant escapes, the system can no longer cool the air. When we investigate a coolant leak, we need to determine the cause of the leak, such as a damaged condenser or corroded evaporator coil.

Replacing The Compressor
Another common reason for air conditioning repair is a malfunctioning compressor. The compressor is the part that makes the refrigerant transform from a gas to a liquid to cool the air. It also pulls outside air into the system and forces heated air out. When we check a compressor that isn’t working, we investigate possible causes like a clogged suction line, electrical problems, or contaminants. Sometimes we can make a fairly inexpensive repair, but we may need to replace the part.

Cleaning The Drainage System
An air conditioner produces a lot of condensation, so proper drainage is crucial. In a functioning system, condensation builds up on the outside of the evaporator coil and then drips down into a drainage pan. This pan is tilted so that the water flows down into a drainpipe. If the pipe is clogged or if the drainage pan is corroded, water will leak out. If we find a problem with a drainage system, we can clean the pipe to remove any clogs, and we clean or replace the drainage pan.

Fixing Electrical Problems
Electrical problems often trigger a need for air conditioning repair. For example, we may find that an air conditioner’s motor isn’t working because it isn’t getting enough electricity. This might be due to burnt-out capacitors. Capacitors are parts that transmit electricity to the motor. Worn-out contactors can also hinder the flow of electricity to the moving parts. If we find that any of these components have stopped working, we can simply replace them.

How To Avoid Repairs

As mentioned above, all homes need heating and cooling repair at some point. However, regular maintenance can help you avoid major air conditioning repair for as long as possible. Maintenance includes thorough cleaning of all parts, changing the air filter, and checking for minor problems that are easy to fix. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your air conditioner and postpone costly repairs.

When Is It Time To Replace The System?

At some point, it may not be worthwhile to keep doing expensive HVAC repair. We recommend replacing your system if it is more than ten years old. If your air conditioner is at least eight years old and having a lot of problems, it’s probably best to replace it. We also recommend upgrading your system if you want to lower your heating and cooling costs with a more efficient unit.

If you own a home, you’re going to need air conditioning repair eventually. By calling AC TEX, LLC to check out your system, you’ll get the best possible advice and service. Our technicians are here to help you. We provide both commercial service and home ac repair, and we will give you a free estimate on new equipment.

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