Frozen System

What to do if my system is frozen

There are many causes that could make your AC system freeze.

  • Your filter could be too dirty and cause your system to freeze.
  • Your system could be low on refrigerant and causing it to freeze
  • The blower motor may not be working for some reason.

Once an AC system is frozen there is no way to tell why it is frozen. It is very important that the system thaw out before the technician arrives at your home.

If the system is still frozen when the technician arrives there will be nothing the technician can do and will have to reschedule for when the system has thawed out.

If the system even has a small amount of ice left on it, it will make the refrigerant pressures read incorrectly and the technician will not be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

The first step is to go to your thermostat and turn the system from COOL to OFF.

Secondly, to help speed up the thawing process you can turn your fan from the AUTO setting to the ON setting to help move air across the ice and help it melt faster.

Depending on how thoroughly the AC system is frozen it can take eight hours or more in some cases to thaw. These tips should help speed up the process. Once the system is no longer frozen, our technicians can diagnose the problem. Once a correct diagnosis has been made to determine the cause of the frozen AC system, our technicians can remedy the problem, make the necessary repairs, and get your system functioning properly again.

This short video will help you visualize the steps to get your system in the process of thawing, so our technicians are able to make a correct diagnosis, and help you get back to a nice cool house as quickly as possible.

For video reference click here.

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